Gallery Skullfucking Euro Armageddon Tour 2000

Drakkar Hellfest 2000
IMPIETY made their debut Skullfucking Euro Armageddon Tour 2000 commencing their blasphemous attack over Southern the DRAKKAR HELL FEST 2000. IMPIETY headlined and desecrated Avignon, with tenacious and demonic bands like DECAYED, ANTAEUS, CELESTIA, ABIGAIL, ARKHON INFAUSTUS, etc. There was too much fucking metal war, beer, torment and pastis courtesy of the mighty DRAKKAR PRODUCTIONS (France) which managed everything excellently well!
20 MAY 2000 - Avignon, France

IMPIETY desecrated the Vort'n Vis with Dutch desecrators PENTACLE and French BM supremacist CELESTIA!
27 MAY - Vort'n Vis HellPub, Ieper, Belgium

The Baroeg trembled when God's Angels were beheaded and raped! IMPIETY mercilessly tore the stage with FLESH GRIND(usa), RESSURECTED(ger), SEVERE TORTURE(hol),etc.
28 MAY 2000 - The Baroeg, Rotterdam, Holland

DESASTER Metal Meeting 2000
The final battle of this tour...and what better venue than the infamous DESASTER METAL MEETING 2000 in Koblenz. An Annual fistfucking metal event only for true warriors of satan and krushing metal hell organised exclusively by barbarian metal kings DESASTER themselves! IMPIETY burned the heavens that night with UNPURE(swe) and also BLIZZARD(Ger). Eternal Iron-fucking-Hails to DESASTER, Opyros (Barbarian Wrath) and Costa Stoios (Iron Pegasus Recs) for everything! And after the stage massacre was mercilessly was time once again to celebrate the day's battle with an infernal alkoholokaust with true sons and legions of Lucifer - Costa, King Wolle, Andrea, & all the Mosselfranken Hellbangers!
3 JUNE 2000 - Koblenz, Germany